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15 peer-reviewed sources: developing and performing a learning needs analysis

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15 peer-reviewed sources: developing and performing a learning needs

Developing nations are used by the authors to indicate the need for learning and the technological advancements that are required for success. They emphasize the use of e-learning as a mode that can lead to greater achievements and increased knowledge. The use of ICT is seen as the newest method that can increase the desire for learners to search for more materials online. It, therefore, enumerates various critical success factors that are associated with e-learning in institutions and organizations in developing nations.

The authors are aware of the importance of e-learning and the use of ICT while searching for knowledge and information. Through the experiences, they confirm that e-learning in regions with minimal ICT knowledge can be both a challenge to the learners and educators overall. The information provided lacks clarity as to how the process of using ICT can be achieved in regions with low exposure to computers and the internet as a whole.
Bosuwon, T., & Woodrow, L. (2009). Developing a Problem-Based Course Based on Needs Analysis to Enhance English Reading Ability of Thai Undergraduate Students. RELC Journal.

Woodrow engages respondents in his work on the importance of using problem based approaches while teaching learners. The need to engage learners so as to learn English is emphasized for purposes of succeeding in their learning process. Thai students’ English needs are assessed first …

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