1.What were the aim of our researc. 2. how well we would do it again if we had to do it this again.

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1.What were the aim of our researc. 2. how well we would do it again if we had to do it this again.

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Research on campus experience
Aims of the research
• To establish whether what was experienced in the university was what was expected before joining the University
• Investigate whether Wolverhampton University was the first campus choice among students
• To find out if the students have ever used help service provided by the Walshall campus.
• To study the usefulness and efficiency of the services offered by the university.
Recommendations on how the research could be done better.
The questionnaires used in the study should contain both open and closed ended questions. This will allow reliable results to be obtained concerning the research. More issues in the questionnaire should be added to provide wide range from which results are obtained. More accurate data will be collected.
To use of descriptive design to gather information. This method is ideal as it describes the area of interest by bringing out facts on the ground as they are without alterations.
The services offered by the university should specify to enable the respondents to choose the ones they have used and benefited from. The question about the experience should include all the fields academically, and curricular activities and also the student must be in the university for a reasonable period before the questionnaires are administered.
The research should include interviews where respondents give first-hand feedback. This will reduce the time used in the research and costs incurred.
Before conducting research the research questions should be well defined and give the scope of the study. The research gaps should be identified and proper means be devised to eliminate them.
Last but not the least, the researcher should have the necessary tools and equipment to make the research more manageable.