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1 page letter explaining why I would like to join a leadership program

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1 page letter explaining why I would like to join a leadership program

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Leadership is the essence of inducing vision and facilitating growth in virtually any sector and walk of life. Right from the beginning of life, it is present in human nature to look for someone for advice and direction as part of different activities. However, there are some of them who have the passion to lead and bring about change in society. Names of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates together with other revolutionary leaders, are quite commonly known by everyone. Because, they have created massive changes in our society that has made their quotes and sayings to be circulated in social media all around the world. What are the main reasons that make them exceptional leaders? The most basic outlook of it includes the inspirational style to create change on organizational and societal levels. They have provided the world with an outlook of developing change through leadership. Apart from that, they all share the traits of setting purposeful goals, execution of strategic visions and most importantly, inspiring others in creating changes in their lives. Leadership skills are becoming an essential part of a personal trait that can induce fruitful outlooks for the company. It can bring about enhancement in creativity and productivity among employees and hence, inspire them for achieving company’s goals and objectives. Strategic leadership and change leadership are two of the most core domains within leadership horizon that can provide numerous benefits to the company. The first and for…

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