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1 page letter explaining why I would like to join a leadership program

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1 page letter explaining why I would like to join a leadership program

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Leadership is the essence of inducing vision and facilitating growth in virtually any sector and walk of life. Right from the beginning of life, it is present in human nature to look for someone for advice and direction as part of different activities. However, there are some of them who have the passion to lead and bring about change in society. Names of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates together with other revolutionary leaders, are quite commonly known by everyone. Because, they have created massive changes in our society that has made their quotes and sayings to be circulated in social media all around the world. What are the main reasons that make them exceptional leaders? The most basic outlook of it includes the inspirational style to create change on organizational and societal levels. They have provided the world with an outlook of developing change through leadership. Apart from that, they all share the traits of setting purposeful goals, execution of strategic visions and most importantly, inspiring others in creating changes in their lives. Leadership skills are becoming an essential part of a personal trait that can induce fruitful outlooks for the company. It can bring about enhancement in creativity and productivity among employees and hence, inspire them for achieving company’s goals and objectives. Strategic leadership and change leadership are two of the most core domains within leadership horizon that can provide numerous benefits to the company. The first and foremost is the strategic alignment of company’s goals and objectives. Each of these leadership domains provides a separate outlook for organizational success. Strategic leadership provides grounds for anticipating, challenging, interpreting, deciding, aligning and most importantly, learning from different leadership decisions. On the other hand, change leadership requires the development of major change within society. However, these decisions are based on business finances domains. A Strong financial outlook of a company provides catapult effects for organizational success. Hence, associating finance with leadership makes the perfect recipe for both organizational and personal success for leaders in organizations. Development of this vision and mindset takes time and requires polishing it from time to time. Hence, I would like to attend the Leadership Development Program (LDP) at The University of Melbourne. As an industrial professional, it would provide me with the insight of different leadership challenges and most importantly, assessing the possible solutions to those problems.
Participation in leadership program would allow me to have a more strong knowledge about human behavior (emotional intelligence) and communication skills for motivating employees to work more productively. During the program, I would also like to explore areas of different decisions that can impact the lives of my employees either positively or negatively. My experience with change management practices on organizational level also needs substantial development. Harnessing the skills of change leadership would become quite essential for me during any substantial changes in organizational culture. Nevertheless, a change should have to be planned and deliberately executed for the overall success of the initiative. For propping up that specific outlook, the leadership program would serve to enhance my working knowledge through case studies of different organizations. Moreover, it can also provide me with an opportunity to serve as a change agent within the organization and hence, advance towards higher management position within the firm. The program would also allow me a chance to interact with personnel from other organization who share my vision. This would be the best prospect for me to enhance my professional network and hence, harvest innovative ideas and initiatives that are being implemented in other firms. By doing that, it would allow me to think about different decisions using different leadership frameworks thereby allowing me with a chance of developing self-confidence and better leadership potential for making critical and challenging decisions within the organization. Attending the program with other leaders would also provide me with a chance to look for different styles of leadership and their effectiveness based on organizational culture. I would be able to gain additional knowledge about leadership ideas and their emergence with the passage of time. Within the very same domain, I would be able to learn from the leadership experience of professionals and hence, provide me with an outlook for enhancing my prospects in making sound decisions on an organizational level. Motivation employees to work effectively and productively are another challenge that managers face. I would like to discover different ways of motivating my employees. Furthermore, the program also would serve to avoid pitfalls in decision making and hence, allow me to differentiate between effective and ineffective leadership. Nevertheless, the communication should be limited within the organization; it also includes correspondence with suppliers and buyers on international scales. For that, I would require strong negotiation skills thereby allowing me to deal with team members, colleagues and clients all around the world. Development of professional relationship would serve to enhance my career prospects in becoming a primary stakeholder within the company.
On an organizational level, the program would also provide numerous opportunities for me to induce positive changes and most importantly, provide better leadership decisions for organizations. It would help me to bridge gaps between the top and bottom tiers of management. For effective leaders, it is essential to manage the relationship between its seniors and subordinates as well. Moreover, I can also add value towards building bridges among the top, middle and lower management tiers of organization thereby allowing strong collaboration for coherent organizational functions. With the prior knowledge of the program, I would be able to participate in complex and challenging decisions that include multi-faceted problems and their solutions. Nevertheless, these critical decisions would also have some challenges and would include managing resources for overall organizational success. Also, every decision has associated risk with it. In order to face it, careful and vigilant leadership should have to be observed to mitigate any potential risks and vulnerabilities faced by the firm. Apart from that, it would also provide me with an assessment of my core strengths in managing personnel together with creating, leading and inspiring personnel via various conflict management outlooks. It would provide me to become a rather effective leader and hence, facilitating me with prospects of continual improvement in the organization as well as personal grounds.
Leadership Development Program (LDP) would allow me to serve the organization and most importantly, to harness the very leadership skills. The program would also open doorways for me on my career ladder towards senior management thereby providing me a much better opportunity to practice my leadership skills. Hence, I would like to request the executive board to grant me permission for attending the program so that I would be able to become a much active part of organization by developing necessary skills along with polishing my current leadership skills.

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